Research supports yoga to significantly reduce trauma symptoms

Yoga for Trauma

Yoga is a physical and mental practice used to develop strength, flexibility, physical and mental relaxation, and mental concentration. Since its arrival to North America, it’s become incredibly popular. You can find yoga studios in major cities, classes at gyms and community centers, and even in elementary and secondary schools. People who practice yoga rave about the variety of benefits including reduction of anxiety, greater sense of focus, and overall improved physical health.

Researchers around the world have been studying the benefits of yoga and have found incredible results detailing the powerful effects it has on individuals’ lives. More specifically, research has found yoga can be a powerful therapeutic practice to help relieve symptoms associated with trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

According to recent research on yoga and trauma, yoga has the potential to be used as an effective treatment for reducing symptoms associated with PTSD, including the reduction of anxiety and physical tension1. Additionally, research has specifically looked at the effects of using yoga for reducing symptoms of PTSD for Veterans. This research demonstrated yoga can be used to significantly decrease symptoms of trauma for Veterans. There’s a growing body of evidence that yoga and meditation are complementary approaches for the treatment of trauma and PTSD3.

The goal of Our Clinic’s Yoga for Trauma classes is to help participants cultivate tools to increase self-awareness, emotional regulation, and relaxation, as well as improve overall physical and mental well-being. The classes are taught in an intimate setting with a very small group to ensure each individual receives one-on-one instruction. Additionally, modifications are taught for postures to support individuals who have injuries.



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