Naturopathic Medicine


Many aspects of our health are interconnected.  Naturopathic Doctors (ND) acknowledge that and create individualized comprehensive treatment plans for their patients.  They treat the individual, not just the symptoms.

People choose to see an ND when they feel they need someone to listen to them, someone who takes the time to put together the pieces of the puzzle and address the root of their issue.  Many people consider their ND like a health detective.  

Another reason why people choose naturopathy for their health care needs is to get advise on what changes are needed in their diet or lifestyle in order to improve their condition instead of masking symptoms with medication.  Others may be looking for options without the unwanted side effects their current medication may be causing.  

Naturopathy combines medical knowledge with nature's wisdom and ability to heal.  By using natural therapies such as herbs, acupuncture, nutrition and homeopathy, Naturopathic Doctors can help address a wide range of conditions including allergies, digestive issues, menstrual problems, skin conditions, anxiety and depression.  

Naturopathic doctors are highly educated primary health-care providers who integrate standard medical diagnostics with a broad range of natural therapies.  They require a minimum of seven years post-secondary education in order to become an ND. They have a strong focus on prevention of disease and optimization of health.