Customized compounded medication

Custom Compounds

Pain is complex. Especially chronic pain.

Our Clinic understands the capabilities of personalized compounded pain relievers and how to prescribe them. We offer efficient access to personalized compounded prescription medications as a primary medication or add on to your oral medication to treat your pain.

Custom Compounds

The art and science of compounding medication

Compounding of medications was done on an individual basis until the advent of mass production in the 1950s and 1960s. Mass-produced medications treat every patient the same. That one-size fits all design leaves many patients without medication that closely fits their needs. Mass production, by its very nature, finds dosages and delivery mechanisms that suit the majority and create the most profit.

In the 21st century, there’s a renewed appreciation for the value of individualization. Interest in personalized medications has increased and some pharmacists are doing extra training to learn the art and science of compounding.

Topical pain relievers are applied directly to the location of the pain and are absorbed by your skin. They can contain two or more prescription drugs that help stop your pain in different ways without the need for you to take multiple pills. Topical pain relievers may be an option for breakthrough pain being treated with other medications.

For more information on whether custom compounded prescription medication is right for your pain managementcontact Our Clinic today.