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Women's Health

Work, family, hobbies – in the midst of living life women so often forget to take care of themselves. Are you one of them?

It’s not always easy to figure out what you need and find the support to keep you going – or even get started. The Women’s Health program at Our Clinic is a great place to start.

The Our Clinic Women’s Health Program starts with a free assessment of your current overall health and any risk factors that may be present. From this assessment, a personalized plan is created to address heart health, bone health, emotional and mental wellness, and diet.


10-session Women’s Health program

London location only

How is this different than going to the gym?

Gyms can be intimidating for many women. How do you get started? How does the equipment work? Are these exercises going to help you reach your goal?

You can certainly get a exercise plan at a gym however your wellness is about more than just an exercise plan. It’s diet, mental health. With the Our Clinic Women’s Health program you get clinically-managed, personalized plans with a holistic view of your wellness, delivered by healthcare practitioners.

If you have extended health benefits from your employer, some or all the cost for this program may be covered by your benefits. Our Staff is happy to assist you to find out if this program and other services are covered under your extended health care policy or benefits.

Get started on your journey to better health and develop healthy habits to stay on track in the future. The Women’s Health Program gives you valuable access to Our Clinic’s staff of experienced female practitioners with the information you need to change your life.

Sample Women's Health Program

Session 1 – Getting started

Your first visit is your free assessment with our Treatment Navigator who will review your health history and your health goals. She’ll help identify any health risks that need to be considered in the development of your personalized program.

Session 2 – Exercise is good

Fitness assessment then stretching and strengthening exercises design for you to do at home. Take your journal home to track what you eat each day.

Session 3 - Your diet matters

Learn how what you eat affects your hormones, feelings of pain, emotional health and more. Diet is about more than just your weight. Your general exercise workout will have been developed by the physiotherapy team based on your assessments and desired goals.

Session 4 – Diet follow-up

Have you made any changes based on what you learned? Journaling what you eat and how your feel about your exercise plan, including questions you want to ask, keeps your program moving. Check in on your exercise plan and whether it needs modification.

Session 5 – It all starts with your feet

Women and their shoes! How you treat your feet affects your whole body. And you don’t have to give up the pretty shoes. Learn your best choices and whether your feet need extra care. Keep that exercise and journal going!

Session 6 – Strength, Stamina and Flexibility

Personal exercise program fine-tuned and training on how to modify your routine to a fitness gym, at home, at work and more.

Session 7 – Full out diet review

Get your exercise in and then spend a half-hour appointment with the dietitian to create a diet plan that you can continue.

Session 8 – Heart Health and Resistance Training

Adding cardio exercises to your routine. You’re ready for it! How and when to add resistance training to your routine and the best ways to recover after a bout of resistance training and cardio. Get your free IV Vitamin Therapy or Aqua pillow!

Session 9 – How’s your stress?

Exercise with your personal kinesiologist then meet with the mental health counsellor to discuss the stresses in your life and techniques to cope with them.

Session 10 – Assessment

Redo the fitness assessment from session two, discuss how to incorporate the changes into everyday life. Schedule any appointments with practitioners who can support your health – dietitian, physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapy, mental health.

Group classes will be available after completion of the program to continue to work out and modify your exercise, diet plan and mental wellness. It’s a great way to develop a larger support network.

For more information or to sign up for the program, contact us today.

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