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Weight Loss

Losing weight, or in more precise words losing fat, takes more than just diet and exercise. Outside genetic reasons for weight gain, many people become overweight because of lifestyle or emotional choices.

Crash diets publicized in magazines and online are a mirage. That’s why weight comes back so fast for people who use them. And that fluctuating weight can create stresses on your body as your body constantly changes. You could destroy your metabolism with yoyo dieting. Studies are demonstrating yoyo dieting even creates fat loss resistance. 

Our Clinic takes a full circle view of weight loss. In addition to visits with our expert dietitian to help develop realistic long-term weight loss strategies and an introduction to the Exersmart program, your program may include therapeutic counselling to address self-esteem and body image issues, eating disorders, trauma and lifestyle choices. Massage therapy may be a valuable part of your program along with Lipo laser sessions to target specific areas of your body and offer results you can see.

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