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Rebuild Program

How long it takes you to get well when you’re ill or injured can be strongly influenced by supplemental professional healthcare. When you don’t have extended health benefits, you may be ill or injured longer.

Approximately 35 percent of Canadians don't have employer health benefits. That's hundreds of thousands of people who can't afford additional therapies and medical products they need, beyond primary care, to get well efficiently and effectively when they're injured or ill.

Our Clinic believes in fair and equitable access to healthcare for everyone. There are many rehabilitation programs not currently covered by provincial healthcare and ones that are covered have long waiting lists. For people who are injured or ill, the delays or absence of coverage can affect the length of their recovery and in some cases, leave them with chronic issues.

The Rebuild Program was created and is managed by Our Clinic. It’s designed to help improve health outcomes for people with barriers to getting the therapies and medical products they need to attain better wellness. Healthcare providers at Our Clinic deliver services in one-to-one and group sessions as appropriate so participants in the Rebuild Program can feel better and be more functional.

Proceeds from appointments and products at Our Clinic are used to support the Rebuild Program. With each visit*, Our Clinic patients receive Rebuild Dollars which they can save and share with family or friends, donate back to Our Clinic to support getting someone off the waiting list or save up together with coworkers, friends and family to sponsor someone into the program. 

A Rebuild application is required to access the program. For a Rebuild application, email

Doctors, therapists and social agencies can also refer patients to the Rebuild Program. To receive Rebuild applications for your clients and patients, contact us at

* Some exceptions apply. 

For more information about our programs or to book an appointment, contact us.