According to Health Canada, two-thirds of adult Canadians spend 60 percent of their lives at work. This puts you, the employer, in a good position to impact their health. While not all businesses can afford to include a formal wellness plan in their compensation packages, supporting employees with information, education and access to personalized preventive and rehabilitative health programs demonstrates that your employees are valued and you recognize their contributions to your business success.

Phoenix Program

Designed specifically for Veterans of the Canadian Forces, the Phoenix Program can help with medical pension paperwork and applications for cannabis therapy as well as designs individualized programs that address the often complex physical, emotional and mental needs of Canadian Forces Veterans, whether or not on medical pension.

Union Workers

As a Union member, retiree or family of a Union member, you now have special access to personalized health programs, products and therapies at Our Clinic. Your health benefits can be used for these special health programs and individual therapies.

Chronic Pain Management

Everyone feels pain differently. When you injure yourself, that acute pain eventually goes away as you heal. With chronic pain, it can last for months or even years and sometimes it’s difficult to identify the actual cause of the pain.


Based on knowledge and experience gained working with Canada’s Olympic and professional athletes, Exersmart combines exercise physiology, kinesiology and medical science to maximize your fitness and rehabilitation efforts. Exersmart helps you become healthier, happier and have the tools to stick with an active lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Fighting Diabetes

Remission for Type 2 Diabetes? Yes, it’s possible!

About 90% of the Diabetes in Canada is Type 2 Diabetes. Studies in Canada, the UK and the United States have shown that, if you do the work, it’s sometimes possible to put Type 2 Diabetes into remission.

Learning Over Lunch

Our Clinic now offers Lunch and Learns! The seminars will be presented by our highly trained and experienced team of healthcare professionals, who will share their knowledge, insight, and experience on a variety of health and wellness topics.

Men's Health

Most lifestyle-related risk factors – smoking, overuse of alcohol, physical inactivity, overweight/obesity – are more prevalent among Canadian men than women. The good news is with attention and care, many of these issues can be addressed.

Mental health & wellness

Through extensive clinical social work and counseling as well as holistic and complementary medical treatments, the Our Clinic team of mental health and wellness specialists will guide you through a treatment plan that will help you reach your optimum self.

Office Syndrome

More impact than you know

Physical aches and pains can turn into serious health issues if unaddressed. Working in an office can have you sitting for long periods of time, using sloppy posture out of fatigue or the position of your computer monitor, inflicting repetitive strain on your hands, wrists and shoulders, and more. 

Deadlines, relationships, work load and more chip away at your mental wellness. Stress is often a sneak attack on both your physical and mental health. 

Rebuild Program

How long it takes you to get well when you’re ill or injured can be strongly influenced by supplemental professional healthcare. When you don’t have extended health benefits, you may be ill or injured longer. Approximately 35 percent of working Londoners don’t have employer benefits. Over five percent of Londoners are on Employment Insurance having lost or left their jobs and are without benefits.

Weight Loss

Losing weight, or in more precise words losing fat, takes more than just diet and exercise. Outside genetic reasons for weight gain, many people become overweight because of lifestyle or emotional choices.

Women's Health

The Our Clinic Women’s Health Program starts with an assessment of your current overall health and any risk factors that may be present. From this assessment, a personalized plan is created to address heart health, bone health, emotional and mental wellness, and diet. It can also include sexual and reproductive health.