Yoga for Women – more than you think

May 15, 2019
Yoga for Women – more than you think

By Guest Blogger Vanessa Eyre

Vanessa is a Registered Psychotherapist and experienced certified Yoga Instructor. She truly believes in the healing powers of yoga and creates an environment that promotes relaxation and healing.

Yoga has many different benefits including burning calories, increasing flexibility and toning muscles. Yoga is more than just exercise that is good for our bodies; it’s a total mind-body practice that can promote relaxation, ease stresses and anxiety, improve quality of sleep, and promote a greater sense of mental/emotional well-being.

Considering the incredible effects of this practice: women everywhere have used yoga as a way to cope with the challenges they face. Because of the benefits of yoga, woman can use this practice as a way to deal with the multiple hats we wear at work and at home.

Since yoga has become popular in North American researchers have been looking at the effects this practice has on people. Research on the topic has found woman can use it as a way to cope with depression1. Additionally, studies have demonstrated it can be used to improve chronic low back pain2, and even reduce discomfort from hormonal conditions such as endometriosis3. It has been found to reduce women’s perception of pain from rheumatoid arthritis4. These are just a few of the benefits researchers have found when looking at the effects of practicing yoga.

The goal of Our Clinic’s Yoga for women classes is to help support woman cultivate tools that can be used to cope with the demands that we face in our busy worlds. Some of these tools include an increased sense of self-awareness, relaxation, and physical and mental well-being. The classes are taught in an intimate setting in a very small group where each individual receives one-on-one instruction. Additionally, the postures are taught with modifications to meet your needs and support individuals who have injuries or physical limitations.


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