Treat your injury beyond the pain

February 15, 2018
Treat your injury beyond the pain

When you get an injury, whether from sports, activity choices or in some cases just getting out of bed, the pain is an indication that some has gone wrong. Too often people seek therapy only for as long as they’re in pain but taking the time to correct the damage or dysfunction that caused the pain is important.

There are three stages to getting well:

  1. Symptom relief: Making the pain go away. But the underlying issues remain.
  2. Functional correction: Treatments to correct the underlying issues, create stability and prevent a relapse.
  3. Optimal health: Maintaining and enhancing the stability you’ve achieved.

Too many people are in a hurry to get well so they skip some stages. Actually, few go beyond the first stage and in the end spend more of their lives in pain – sometimes years later. 

Sport Injury

Plans for recuperation from an injury need to include stage two and three to be truly effective.

It’s advantageous for you to choose a therapist who has the time and business structure to be able to treat you beyond pain relief. When you’re selecting the therapist who’s going to treat your injury, ask to see a treatment plan that goes beyond today and tomorrow. Ask questions about which parts of the treatment plan are for symptom relief and functional correction.

At Our Clinic, we view the three stages of achieving wellness as the cornerstones of our work. All our healthcare professionals work together to create plans that treat the symptoms, correct functional issues and take to you to optimal health. Every plan is individualized to be effective and efficient. 

Treat yourself like you matter beyond just symptom relief. Call us at 519-937-1881 or visit the website to book an appointment to get on the way to well.

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