Research says Type 2 Diabetes remission is possible

November 7, 2017
Research says Type 2 Diabetes remission is possible

There’s a growing body of evidence that lifestyle changes – medically-supervised and integrated – go a long way to managing Type 2 Diabetes and, in some cases, even putting the diabetes into remission.

Type 2 Diabetes is caused by the body becoming resistant to insulin. As a result of this resistance, blood sugars build up in the body, and can lead to serious health problems like organ damage and heart disease. Complications caused by Type 2 Diabetes can kill you.

So if remission is possible, why isn’t everyone doing the work to be in remission? Remission could extend their life expectancy and lower the risk of health complications associated with diabetes. It seems like a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, the goal of remission isn’t being offered to patients in many situations. Remission doesn’t work for everyone but the life improvements that the work toward remission represents can improve management of the disease and often overall health.

What does it take to work toward remission? 

Commitment. First and foremost, it takes commitment to work toward remission of your Type 2 Diabetes. Add to that a personalized exercise and activity plan designed by a healthcare professional, an individualized meal plan and regular meetings with a dietitian and nurse. Counseling to help you stay the course and be mindful of your decisions is also a benefit.

Not all exercise programs are created equal; a program developed by a personal trainer isn’t going to be as focused on your needs as one created by a healthcare professional. The Exersmart program at Our Clinic designs an exercise and activity plan based on your current abilities and lifestyle. It takes into consideration where you’re able to exercise – your home, a gym, outdoors – and measures not only formal exercise but everyday activities as part of your plan.

The Diabetes Support program at Our Clinic includes visits with the dietitian who will create a meal plan and mentor you through it. A customized meal plan created by a trained professional will take into consideration what your body needs to be healthy. Popular publicized diets often sacrifice nutrition in their desire to create quick weight loss. This is not only unhealthy but can be dangerous for someone with diabetes.

In addition to these traditional therapies – diet and exercise – Our Clinic offers those with the goal to put their diabetes into remission access to alternative therapies as well. Lipo Laser therapy, which may be covered by your medical benefits, can deliver spot fat reduction. That fat reduction can act as both a step toward important weight loss but also as a motivator for those committed to remission. Vitamin IV Therapy is also valuable to include in your remission goal planning. The infusion of vitamins and nutrients directly into your blood stream can help you feel better while making all these life changes.

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