Rehabilitation makes a profound difference

September 21, 2017
Rehabilitation makes a profound difference

It’s National Rehabilitation Awareness Week (Sept. 18 – 24, 2017). This medical specialty helps keep the world’s population moving and coping with their day.

Rehabilitation comes in many disciplines and all of them are focused on helping restore wellness to people affected by disabling disease or traumatic injury. It’s about helping people be functional and productive in their lives by minimizing physical or cognitive challenges.

For best results, rehabilitation is often an interdisciplinary team combining a variety of therapies that complement each other and how the human body functions. At Our Clinic, you can access teams who are focused on you including physiotherapy and kinesiology, respiratory therapy, psychologists, nutrition and diet therapy, social work and counseling. It’s valuable to have your interdisciplinary team all in one place so they can easily interact together to keep your treatment on course. Our Clinic has a Treatment Navigator who keeps track of your customized treatment plan and interacts with your team to make the most of your visits.

Participating in a rehabilitation program can improve the quality of your life and reduce subsequent impact of illness or injury. Whether it’s physical or mental challenges keeping you from being the best you, Our Clinic’s full spectrum, total health suite of services helps you revitalize your mind and body. 

Our Clinic delivers full spectrum, total health care and has assembled a strong and experienced medical team in its unique, multi-disciplinary healthcare centre located in London, Ontario. The suite of services available is dedicated to mental and physical rehabilitation, all managed and coordinated for you by our Treatment Navigator.

Our Clinic is a proudly philanthropic organization.  Proceeds from Our Clinic are used to support the Rebuild Program which helps those without medical benefits receive health services and wellness products.