Nursing – only for the brave

May 8, 2018
Nursing – only for the brave

Ask most nurses why they chose nursing for their career and you’ll hear they were interested in science, medicine and most of all, wanted to help people.

Nursing can be a very satisfying job, especially on days when things go well.

The emotional rollercoaster of nursing, the mental strain and physical requirements can all create health issues, beyond what you may expect.

The amount of work-based injury and illness for nurses in healthcare settings is higher than hazardous jobs like heavy construction and mining. Nurses may be exposed to infectious diseases, toxic substances and radiation. They may also face violence in the workplace. Compound these potential physical hazards with shift work and stress, you can see nurses are brave, strong, resilient and tolerant.

The stress alone of working in surgery, burn units, emergency rooms, intensive care can impact a nurse’s health. For those working with terminally ill patients or the elderly, the emotional strain can take its toll. Add on demanding patients, shift work and understaffing, not many people would cheerfully walk into this job.

And yet, nurses do. Sure, they have their cranky days but don’t we all. And most of us aren’t faced with the trauma, pain or death many nurses see every day.

Be gracious to your nurses. Try to understand they’re human and have challenges you may never experience or understand. You know how it feels to have a bad day – nurses often have to deal with their own bad days and everyone else’s combined.

If you’re a nurse, Our Clinic may be able to help you be stronger and healthier. An integrated team of healthcare professionals will develop an individualized program especially designed for you, whether your needs are physical, mental or emotional. We have programs for pain management, weight loss and more. Your program starts with an assessment with our Treatment Navigator who’ll review your current health and goals with you.

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Our Clinic delivers full spectrum, total health care and has assembled a strong and experienced medical team in its unique, multi-disciplinary healthcare centre located in London, Ontario. The suite of services available is dedicated to mental and physical rehabilitation, all managed and coordinated for you by our Treatment Navigator.

Our Clinic is a proudly philanthropic organization.  Proceeds from Our Clinic are used to support the Rebuild Program which helps those without medical benefits receive health services and wellness products.