Meet Isabella – nurse with poor eating habits

October 27, 2017
Meet Isabella – nurse with poor eating habits

Isabella’s a nurse at a big hospital. She spends her working hours helping others – lifting patients, listening to families and doctors, dispensing medications. She works 12-hour shifts four days a week and then has three days off. Her shifts rotate between days and nights. When she’s at work, her meals are packaged or fast food. On her days off, Isabella is generally so tired she prefers to eat out.

Sound like someone you know?

Isabella’s life is hard on the body. For everyone on shift work, life is just harder because the body has no balance or homeostasis. Many people on shift work have to work harder than non-shift folks to reach their health goals. Some of this is because of our internal clocks – morning person versus evening person. Shift workers have to be both.

Shift workers are the hardest people to treat when they have health issues; their bodies are so resistant to the help. When Isabella is eating fast food, compared to a non-shift worker, her body is going to feel the effects more intensely. This is when an integrated health plan really shows its stuff.

The concrete floors in hospitals and other workplaces have a negative effect on the skeletal system. It’s Newton’s third law – for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Concrete creates the largest ground reaction force on the body and can contribute to osteoarthritis in the knees and hips. Compression therapy can help by fighting fatigue and proper shoes make a difference.

Compound the reaction force with the body’s efforts lifting patients, Isabella would benefit from strength and flexibility through physical therapies, massage therapy and Exersmart at Our Clinic for whole body health and to not hurt herself at work.

From the eating habits standpoint, Isabella could take the three days she’s off work to plan meals for the four days she’s on. People who work 9-5 are challenged to make meal plans but Isabella has a great opportunity to be more in control of her nutrition. A dietitian consultation as part of Isabella’s integrated health plan at Our Clinic would set her on the right path. 

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