Meet Amy – technology wizard and gamer

October 25, 2017
Meet Amy – technology wizard and gamer

Amy works at a technology company.  She works lots of overtime. She’s a fan of gaming in her downtime. Amy tries to eat well but often misses her lunch breaks and when she gets home late from work, just snacks. Amy’s coworkers notice she’s away from work a lot because of headaches and fatigue. Amy has seen her family doctor and has had a battery of tests but no disease or disorders were discovered.

So what’s up with Amy?

The mechanics of Amy’s job are replicated when she’s gaming at home. This compounds a situation others might see later in life.

Because Amy works at a desk and likes to game, the ergonomics of her lifestyle are likely leading to a protracted head and shoulders – basically the head and shoulders are rolled forward. This will often lead to headaches and migraines because everything is getting rolled forward and being compressed.

Seeing a physiotherapist can help with this issue. They can demonstrate exercises to improve posture and use innovative therapies to relieve the compression. An Exersmart program from Our Clinic can be developed so you can strengthen these areas, right at home or in your desk space and within your capabilities.

Amy’s doctor has ruled out a systemic issue for her ailments and discomfort so it’s pretty likely there are muscular issues at play. That means a good program of therapies can help Amy feel better and be more effective. It may even mean fewer absences from work.

Because Amy is working a lot of overtime, she’s going home in a fatigued state and then gaming for long periods. Fatigued muscles don’t work the same as non-fatigued muscles, so she’s much more susceptible to injuries. This is certainly compounding the muscle and skeletal issues Amy is experiencing.

In addition to seeing the physiotherapist, Amy would benefit from massage therapy, a dietitian consultation to learn the importance of nutrient timing and the difference between meals and snacks, and maybe some mindfulness counselling to help with making healthy choices.

At Our Clinic, we create individual, integrated programs to help the whole you. For Amy, this type of program – using a range of different therapies – could help her live a happier, healthier life.

Our Clinic delivers full spectrum, total health care and has assembled a strong and experienced medical team in its unique, multi-disciplinary healthcare centre located in London, Ontario. The suite of services available is dedicated to mental and physical rehabilitation, all managed and coordinated for you by our Treatment Navigator.

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