Medical or recreational cannabis?

August 28, 2018
Medical Canabis

With the legalization of recreational cannabis getting ever closer, there’s debate about whether the country still needs to maintain the medical cannabis system. 

At this time, Health Canada says there will continue to be two cannabis streams – medical and recreational - however the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has suggested doctors should no longer be the gateway to cannabis. The CMA has expressed that many of its members are uncomfortable prescribing cannabis and there are concerns about the lack of clinical research that can give guidance on prescribing cannabis. 

More groups are interested in there continuing to be access to medical cannabis once the product is legalized for recreational use. The Nurses Association, cannabis advocacy groups and patients themselves all support medical cannabis continuing to be available. 

Medical or recreational cannabis?

Medical cannabis can be quite different than that sold for recreation. Medical cannabis isn’t always high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the component that produces the ‘high’ and feelings of intoxication. There’s a much bigger focus on cannabidiol (CBD) in medical cannabis. 

Continuing to have a medical cannabis stream will ensure that patients who are a fit for medical cannabis therapy will receive the coaching and education needed to select the best strains for their health issues. 

Self-medicating with recreational cannabis can be dangerous, according to Katelyn Vey, a medical cannabis educator. 

“Everyone reacts differently to cannabis,” she explained. “We coach patients on which strains are likely to produce the best results for their individual health needs but also we do follow-up with each cannabis therapy patient to ensure they’re getting the results they were hoping for and not having unfortunate side effects.” 

Access to trained clinicians can make a big difference so it’s important that the medical cannabis stream continue to be supported, both by the government and insurance providers. By supporting two different streams – medical and recreational – the government can ensure patients are able to access both cannabis designed for health therapies and the medical professionals who can prescribe, coach and educate. 

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