How’s that weight loss going?

January 24, 2018
How’s that weight loss going?

So it’s been just over three weeks since New Year’s Day. How’s your weight loss resolution going? Don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen off the wagon; maybe you just didn’t plan ahead or even plan realistically.

Most of the time when we think we want to lose weight what we’re actually hoping for is to lose fat. That takes a comprehensive plan, not just a quick loss fad diet.

For many people, there’s at least one trouble spot on their body that carries their extra fat. Often that’s the fat that dieting and even exercise just can’t budge. Fortunately, technology has brought a solution to that spot fat loss – Lipo laser therapy.

Lipo laser therapy punctures the fat cells in a particular spot – your chin, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, whatever you choose. It’s a painless, non-invasive procedure. You can learn more about lipo laser therapy here.

When you combine lipo laser therapy with a personalized exercise plan and nutrition counselling, you’re on a good path to reach your weight loss/fat loss goals.

With the Weight Loss program at Our Clinic, you get a combination of personalized exercise through the Exersmart, nutrition counselling and even mindfulness coaching to help you be successful. Every step of the Weight Loss program is as individual as you are. The program may even be covered by your extended health benefits.

For more information on the Weight Loss program, call us at 519-937-1881.

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