This is Henry – financial services worker, loves to run

October 24, 2017
This is Henry – financial services worker, loves to run

Henry works in financial services and is very dedicated to his work. Sometimes he sits at his desk, without a break, for four hours at a time. Henry is health conscious and goes for a run every day during his lunch hour. He makes sure to eat well, he doesn’t smoke and he consumes alcohol only in moderation.

Sounds like Henry is making good choices to live a healthy, comfortable life.  But is he?

Sitting for long periods of time actually causes muscle wasting in the gluteus muscles (your bum) and can, in the long term, lead to back pain. In addition, that four hours Henry sits at his desk has been associated with passive loading the back which leads to chronic low back pain.

Even something as simple as standing up to make or take a phone call can help break up the sitting and avoid the muscle fatigue created.

Running is great for the cardiovascular system and it’s equally as important to focus on resistance exercises to strengthen the musculoskeletal systems (your muscles and bones).

And since Henry is running during lunch hour, when is he eating lunch? Is he skipping lunch? Not a good idea as going long periods of time without eating has been known to cause weight gain and, in extreme circumstances, can be a precursor to Type II Diabetes.

Our Clinic and its Exersmart program can create a customized exercise program to help you and Henry develop your best physical health and wellness. It can even include exercises to do right at your desk to keep you from developing chronic back pain and other health problems that come from working long hours in a sitting position. 

Our Clinic delivers full spectrum, total health care and has assembled a strong and experienced medical team in its unique, multi-disciplinary healthcare centre located in London, Ontario. The suite of services available is dedicated to mental and physical rehabilitation, all managed and coordinated for you by our Treatment Navigator.

Our Clinic is a proudly philanthropic organization.  Proceeds from Our Clinic are used to support the Rebuild Program which helps those without medical benefits receive health services and wellness products.