Heavy snow is here. Is your body prepared?

February 20, 2019
Heavy snow is here. Is your body prepared?

Fresh-fallen snow can be beautiful, but it’s not so much fun to shovel. Especially if you get injured doing it the wrong way.

There’s no question your property needs to be cleared of snow and ice. Someone who gets hurt falling on your property can take legal action against you.  

No matter if you’re shovelling or snowblowing, not being prepared or using the right technique can lead to various strains, injuries and heart issues. The cold weather doesn’t help either. In fact, it can increase your chances of respiratory issues and muscle fatigue.

Here are some recommendations to help ensure you get the job done without any issues:

  • Warm up your muscles by doing some stretches before starting. Get an appointment with our physiotherapy team to learn how to best protect yourself with stretches and proper technique.
  • Shovel many lighter loads instead of fewer heavy ones. Break heavier chunks into smaller, lighter pieces before lifting.
  • Don’t rush! Take frequent breaks.
  • Lift with your legs! This will help take the strain off of your back and upper body. The physiotherapy team can also help increase your core strength and stamina to get you ready for your next bout with the snow.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Lift the snow forward rather than straight up.
  • When throwing the snow point feet in the direction you want the snow to go.
  • Every 5-10 scoops stretch the lower back  

 Standing Extension Stretch 

  • Begin by widening your feet, softening your knees, and hands on the small of your back with finger-tips touching. 
  • Lean backwards while simultaneously pushing fingers forward. 
  • Try to move further in range of motion with each repetition. 

Remember the closer towards the center of your back the pain travels, the better (even if it is more intense). As a general rule, the further away from middle of spine (i.e., glutes, leg) the worse!

Proper hydration and nutrition are two really important ways to avoid strains and injury while moving snow, or any time for that matter. Our Clinic’s Achieve IV Vitamin Therapy can prepare you for the task ahead and help replenish your body when the job is done. Together with the proper clinically-managed, personalized training to get you more flexible and stronger, you’ll be ready to carry that shovel proudly. 

Call today or book an appointment online before the next snowfall so you’re in better condition to combat the elements.

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