Gwen – appearance conscious, wants to feel better

November 2, 2017
Gwen – appearance conscious, wants to feel better

Gwen’s been plump all her life. This isn’t just an image issue; Gwen’s weight is putting her health at risk. She’s tried a wide variety of popular diets but doesn’t see results. She loses a little bit of weight and then stops dieting. The weight comes back, sometimes more than she lost.

Gwen’s very conscious of her appearance. She has a gym membership but doesn’t feel she has the time to go to the gym very often. Gwen suffers recurring bursitis in her shoulder from an old injury so she’s hesitant to work out because it will cause her pain. She’s frustrated at not being able to lose weight so she can look and feel better. 

It’s important for Gwen to get a physical done and determine if hypothyroidism is at place. If she isn’t hormonally balanced, she’ll be struggling to control her weight and could have a poor ability to tolerate cold, feel tired, constipation, and even depression. Untreated, hypothyroidism can cause a number of health problems, such as obesity, joint pain, infertility and heart disease. Hypothyroidism affects women more often than men.

When people talk about weight loss, what they usually mean is they want to lose fat. Losing fat is healthy, losing weight can actually be unhealthy. Weight loss can encompass losing muscle, fat-free mass and potentially bone, not just fat. That’s why it’s important to have a dietitian coaching you through your fat loss and have an integrated activity plan to support it.

Crash diets are publicized in magazines and online but they’re a mirage. That’s why the weight comes back so fast. And that fluctuating weight can be exacerbating Gwen’s bursitis as the stresses on her body constantly change as her body changes. Gwen could destroy her metabolism with yoyo dieting. Studies are demonstrating yoyo dieting creates fat loss resistance. Gwen needs to balance her metabolism through nutrition.

It’s understandable that Gwen doesn’t want to go to the gym when she’s in pain from her bursitis. The problem with this is Gwen isn’t strengthening her body so the dysfunction will just continue to get worse.

When there’s a dysfunction hindering a trip to the gym, it’s very important to see a healthcare professional as opposed to a personal trainer so you can avoid contraindications related to the dysfunction.

Our Clinic’s Exersmart program is an in-depth review of your capabilities, history and more. As part of setting up your personalized Exersmart program you’ll be asked: Where do you plan to exercise? What are your current activity levels? What areas do you have issues with?

The good news is not all exercise has to be structured. There are lots of options for non-structured exercise like dance classes, ice skating, gardening, and lots of other choices to be physically active.

An individualized, integrated program from Our Clinic, where all the healthcare professionals work together to get you to your best wellness, may include Exersmart, dietitian, mindfulness training and Lipo laser.

Lipo laser is a non-surgical, non-invasive therapy that can help tone and shape your body. As Gwen is frustrated about not losing weight, showing that her body can change may motivate her to go to the gym and engage in other lifestyle changes. 

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