Exercise – benefiting cancer patients more than you know

May 31, 2018
Exercise benefits cancer patients

Researchers from around the world are discovering that exercise plays a key role in counteracting the effects of cancer and its treatment. Alongside traditional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, studies have shown that people who exercise regularly had fewer and less severe side effects of treatment. They also have less cancer-related fatigue and mental distress along improved quality of life. 

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia suggests in its position paper, “Best practice cancer care to include referral to an accredited exercise physiologist and/or physiotherapist . . .”

The paper continues on and says, “Accredited exercise physiologists and physiotherapists are the most appropriate health professionals to prescribe and deliver exercise programs to people with cancer.”

Historically, cancer patients were recommended to rest and avoid activity. Recent studies are showing this might have been a mistake. 

A University of Alberta study in 2013 found breast cancer patients who exercised for 60 minutes three times a week had lower risk of recurrence and a longer survival rate. Other research has suggested men with prostate cancer are benefited by exercise regimes, even when other treatments have stopped working. 

Our Clinic’s Exersmart program is the result of intense design by an exercise physiologist, a physician and a kinesiologist. It’s guided by a physiotherapist and supported by a kinesiologist. Your exercise plan is tailored specifically to your needs and can be created in either a structured or unstructured setting. If you have extended health benefits from your employer, the Exersmart exercise program for cancer patients may be covered. 

Exersmart programs can also be delivered via Clinic Online so if you don’t live nearby, you can still access a tailored, clinically-managed exercise plan. 

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