Two important steps when a family member has PTSD

PTSD can leave families feeling powerless and lost.  How do we help someone who is reliving a traumatic event?  What do we do when they repeatedly withdraw from family time, take risks when driving or seem constantly “on edge” at home? 

The rhythms of therapy

Not long ago, it was comedic when characters on TV shows went for counselling or therapy.  You might remember scenes of Tony Soprano, the renowned mob boss, going for therapy with Dr. Melfi in The Sopranos,

Treat anxiety with a holistic lens

Anxiety manifests in a physical, mental/emotional and behavioural way. it can be helpful to approach treatment for it through a holistic lens.

The Risky Barbecue

Summer’s finally here which means my family is readying themselves to host the Annual Backyard Barbecue.